Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Scoop

The Banks Power Super Scoop installs to 01-10 Chevy/GMC's and 03-11 Cummins Ram-Air Intake Systems. The Banks Ram-Air Intakes are already some of the best on the market, drawing denser air in larger volumes compared to stock intakes and other aftermarket intakes. Banks achieves this by using large quality intake filters around their streamlined intake housing and tube design. Their systems are flow-tested and dyno-tested, and then field tested to ensure that your intake system allows as much cool air into your engine as possible.

With the Super Scoop, your Ram-Air Intake will work even better. Despite their smart design and outperforming their competitors, a Banks Ram-Air Intake system will normally draw air from inside the engine bay. Even if you draw air from the coolest area under your hood, the air outside your vehicle will always be much cooler and denser.

The Super Scoop installs with its inlet mounted to the bottom of your bumper and the outlet mounted to the mouth of your intake system. For wet or dirty driving, these scoops are designed with a funnel towards the bottom of the scoop, which expels these elements from your scoop so you're only getting air to your intake.

Since the inception of fuel injection, carburetors have become a thing of the past, and diesel bodies are continually changing for improved aerodynamics - but with a Super Scoop, you can bring the cool air back to your fuel injected diesel without busting up your hood or front end body. Banks Power Products - they may not have thought of it first (or they may did), but they hook your diesel up.

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