Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Workhorse Motorhome

Banks Power Products bring you exceptional quality and sustainable performance for virtually all common diesel applications. For Workhorse owners, Banks offers a wide range of kits and combos that is sure to meet the needs of your application.

First of all, your stock 8.1L only produces 220hp and 330ft-lbs. That's not that much power, considering the large engine size of your motorhome, and the large payload that you're sure to be pulling. Rest assured, you can let out the true potential of your engine if you incorporate a complete modification kit to take care of your airflow restrictions and tuning. With a Banks PowerPack bundle, you can replace your stock intake, exhaust, exhaust manifold, and tuning and see gains of +75hp and +95ft-lbs. Or, for a more modest price and a less pricey install, you can purchase a Stinger bundle and have all that's listed above with the exhaust manifold left out, and you'll still see gains of +50hp and +70ft-lbs.

It's ill advised that you incorporate new tuning to your engine without installing airflow components beforehand. Your Workhorse Motorhome can handle more power, but it's stock programming is set to function at your motorhome's temperature threshold. Any more heat generated by more power can, and most likely will, cause excessive expansion and heat damage to your drivetrain components. By incorporating a Banks kit with fuel economy tuning, your drivetrain will actually run cooler than stock levels. If you're trying to have your drivetrain last as long as possible while seeing some power gains, my best suggestion is to incorporate a complete Banks kit while tuning your engine 1 notch down from whatever tuning that brings your EGTs back up to stock levels. This way, you'll still have the option of switching to max power for towing or uphill driving conditions, and you'll be able to retain your drivetrain's longevity.

Also recommended for modifying your Workhorse motorhome, adding an exhaust brake and aftermarket torque converter will substantially improve your motorhome's safety and ability to translate your engine's power to the road. Banks currently does not offer these components for Workhorse motorhomes (or any gas motorhomes, for that matter).

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